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A mosque, synagogue and church in Nabi Daniel Street in Alexandria

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 A mosque, synagogue and church in  El Nabi Daniel Street in Alexandria

A mosque, synagogue and church in Nabi Daniel Street in Alexandria

  • Unique article in A mosque, synagogue and church in Nabi Daniel Street in Alexandria
  • El Nabi Daniel Street considered to be one of the oldest and longest streets in Alexandria.

  • The most important street of Alexandria in terms of its historical and archaeological importance.

  • It is one of the two main streets in the planning of old Alexandria

  • The street extends recently from the Raml station to the Masr Station.
  • It was known in the Greek era as "the Cardo de Comnas", as the street had two gates, the north gate was known as the "moon gate", and the south gate was known as the "sun gate".

  •  The street was know later with the name of the "Nabi Daniel", which was in relation with the shrine of the mosque at the beginning of the street from Masr Station.

But we have to ask now.

who is the El Nabi Daniel ?! 

  • Nabi Daniel was one of the Israel's prophet whose presence roughly resides in the 6th century BC, and it was said that he came to Alexandria and was buried in the shrine that is located under the mosque, about 5 meters away, this was incorrect, because he was dead 3 centuries before Alexandria was built.

Here we find a question about 

who is the owner of the mosque? & why was the street called this name?!

  • This mosque is belong to one of the sheikhs of the Shafi'i school of thought, Sheikh “Muhammad Daniel Al-Mawsili ” who came to Alexandria in the 8th century and lived in it and began to study the sciences of jurisprudence, but he died and was buried in the mosque, hence from that the confusion between the two names and naming the street.

Saint Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral (Alexandria)

A mosque, synagogue and church in Nabi Daniel Street in Alexandria

  • In the middle of the street is the Church of Mark Coptic orthodox cathedral, the oldest church in Egypt and Africa, which was built by Saint Mark in the first century AD in the year 62 AD, with the introduction of Christianity to Egypt.

"Eliyahu Hanabi" synagogue

A mosque, synagogue and church in Nabi Daniel Street in Alexandria

  • The street also includes the Jewish synagogue, "Eliyahu Hanabi", as it is one of the oldest synagogues dating back to the 19th century. It housed more than 40,000 Jews and a collection of rare Jewish books and manuscripts dating back to the 15th century.

What are the most important cultural aspects of the street?

  • The Street of El Nabi Daniel is considered to be a permanent book fair, where stalls selling used books - lined up on both sides - are spread, beginning with textbooks, foreign books, novels and literary stories in various languages, and they are sold at low prices to the residents of the city, sometimes reaching a pound per book.

The myth of  El Nabi Daniel Daniel street

  • Many stories, rumors, and novels were connected to this street,  the most famous of them was the bride who was walking with her fiancé, but the street was fell apart and swallowed her,  they could not find her body until now, and it was spread that the reason for that, was the curse of Alexander the Great, the founder of the city and his tomb.

  • Certainly, this wasn't true, and the reason for the ground split,  were many "passages" found under the street of Nabi Daniel.

  • These passages have large tunnels dating back to the Roman era, they were connected to each other and were intended for the emperor's escape, if there were revolts from the  Alexandrian people, and some of them were connected to the sea.

  • Al-Maqrizi said about these tunnels in his description, "that the knight could walk in it, riding his horse and raising his sword, as its height was about 3 meters.


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