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The Miracle of Mummification

The Miracle of mummification with the ancient Egyptians, who did not pay much attention to their worldly life, as much as they did to their resurrection life, as the ancient Egyptians sought to take all necessary means, to keep their body safe after death.

The Miracle of Mummification

  • Based on their belief that life after death is eternal life, so the bodies of the kings of the pharaohs have remained intact until our present time, for their proficiency in the arts of mummification, which were specialized by experienced priests.

Method of embalming in ancient Egypt

  • After, the death the body of the deceased was transported to the Valley Temple, which was the place designated for the embalming process, which takes 70 days, the body was washed with Nile water, then with wine.

The Miracle of Mummification

  • The priests make an opening on the left side of the abdomen between 8-12 cm;  In order to take out the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, stomach, and intestines, to treat them, and put them in jars (canopic jars), as the organs can cause rotting of the body because they are easily decomposed, however, the only organ that was not removed during the mummification process is the heart, because the ancient Egyptians believed that the heart was the home of the soul and emotional.
  • They get out the brain through the nostril, and sometimes by making an opening behind the head, the eyes were taken out, and a piece of onion was placed in its place.
The Miracle of Mummification

  • They put a lot of natron salt on the body of the deceased (a type of salt available in Egypt that is found in an area called Natron), and this step lasts for 40 days, as the salt in general helps to absorb fluids from the body of the deceased.

  • After completing the absorption of fluids from the body, a filling is placed inside the deceased, consisting of (sawdust - cinnamon - onion pieces - henna), with this filling the mummified mummy appears in its natural form after eviscerating it.

  • Then, the skin of the deceased is painted with palm oil, which clogs the pores to prevent rotting.
The Miracle of Mummification

  • Then, wrapping the mummy with linen rolls impregnated with beeswax as an adhesive, so the priests start with the left foot, then the right arm, then the right foot, then the left arm, so as not to loosen easily, golden fingers were pleaced on the fingers of the deceased, in the belief of the ancients that evil spirits enter the body through the limbs.
  • Although many mummification materials have been found, and there is an entire museum of mummification in Luxor, mummificaton in ancient Egypt will remain a miracle of our civilization that dazzled and still dazzles the world.





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