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Howard Carter House

Howard Carter House

  • Howard Carter House considered to be one of the little-known tourist attractions in Luxor.

Who was Howard Carter

  • Howard Carter was the one who made one of the most important archaeological discoveries, not only in Egyptian history, but also in the history of the antiquities of the entire ancient world.

  • He discovered Tutankhamun's tomb (KV 62) in 1922, and that was the first time that a tomb of Pharaoh was found full of treasures.
  • The reason why the cemetery remained without being stolen by thieves is that the tomb of King Ramses VI was directly above it.
  • The tomb was found after nearly 15 years, from constant searches.
  • Howard Carter died in 1939 of lymphoma, at the age of 64.

Howard Carter's House

Howard Carter House

  • Howard Carter's house is located at the entrance to the Valley of the Kings in the town of Qurna, about twenty kilometers from Luxor.

  • The house consists of two floors, and in front of it there is a large garden.

  • One of its most distinctive features is the presence of a small dome above it.

  • The house considered to be a museum that houses the digging tools Carter used to search for the tomb.

  • He designated a place inside the house for his laboratory for printing  photographs.

The Office Room

  • Carter's office room in which he was preparing the work, and he was consulting with work leaders to begin digging and how to transfer the holdings from inside to outside the cemetery.

Howard Carter House

  • In the room, there is an old typewriter, a Gramophone, a number of cylinders, chairs around the office, a clothes hanger, hats, and the famous Carter's wand.

Howard Carter House

  • In addition to a set of photographs of him at work.

Lord Carnavon

  • He was Carter's financier on his search for Tut's tomb.
  • Many believe that he was hit by the curse of the Pharaohs, so he died after the discovery of Tut's tomb five months ago.

Entrance Fee 

  • 80 LE for Foreigners, 40 LE for foreigners student.
  • 10 LE for Egyptian, 5 LE for the Egyptian student.


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