Aisha Fahmy Palace

Aisha Fahmy Palace 

Aisha Fahmy Palace

  • Aisha Fahmy Palace in Zamalek is one of the most important palaces built by the Muhammad Ali family in Egypt.
  • We have to know that palaces in the era of the Muhammad Ali family were replete with artistic and cultural diversity.

  • It was initially called the Palace of the Mole, and Arts Complex.
  • The palace was built in 1907, it was founded by Ali Pasha Fahmy on the island of Zamalek.

Aisha Fahmy Palace 

  • It was designed by the Italian engineer, Antonio Lachk, in a classic style.

  • His sister Aisha acquired it after him, as she bought the rights of the heirs for 72 thousand pounds on May 6, 1924, as she was the richest woman in Egypt at that time.

  • The palace consists of 2 floors, It includes 48 rooms, and halls.

The first floor consists of 6 rooms

  • The second floor contains many rooms of an antique character.

Aisha Fahmy Palace

  • The palace rooms are characterized by the presence of paintings of silk and linen, which are absolutely unparalleled.

  • This is in addition to the presence of European motifs on the sides of the walls, giving a distinct aesthetic shape.

The Japanese room 

Aisha Fahmy Palace

  • The Japanese ambassador gifted it to Aisha Fahmy when he visited her in the palace, as this room was specially designed to her.

  • The room features two statues painted in gold on either side of the room.

  • Some Japanese words and pictures are engraved on the walls of the room.

  • On the second floor, there is also her own dressing room.

The bathroom 

Aisha Fahmy Palace

  • Which was characterized by the heater that worked on gas, although it was difficult to enter it at that time.

  • This indicates a complete luxury that Aisha Fahmy enjoyed at that time.

History Of The Palace

  • This palace was a gift from "Ali Pasha Fahmy" to his French wife, "Margaret Fahmy", who killed him in London in a famous accident.

  • Mrs. Aisha Fahmy married the artist Youssef Wahbi, and he lived with her in the palace for many years, she died in 1962.

The palace and the Fine Art Authority

  • In 1978, a republican decree was issued to designate it as a museum for Muhammad Ali family's jewels.

  • To return once again at the disposal of the Ministry of Culture to become the Arts Complex.

  • The dispute between Aisha's heirs and the Egyptian government over the ownership of the palace continued until the year 2000, when the heirs were compensated approximately 74 million pounds.

Dates To Visit 

  • Visiting times for Aisha Fahmy Palace are daily from 9 a.m to 9 p.m, except for Friday.

Entrance ticket 

  • Free entry with an ID card for Egyptians, and Passport for foreigners.

The Address 

  •  Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, Mohamed Mazhar, Zamalek, Giza.



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