Egyptian Juliet


Egyptian Juliet 

Egyptian Juliet

  • Unique article on Egyptian Juliet, or the Martyr of love who was called (Isadora).

Who was the Egyptian  Juliet  (Isadora)?

  • Isadora was an Egyptian Juliet, or to be precise, the lover who preceded Juliet by more than a thousand years.
  • Her name means "The gift of Isis".
  • The nickname (the martyr of love) was given to her by the famous writer owner of Nobel Prize (Taha Hussein).

  • Isadora was an 18 years old Egyptian girl.
  • She was a wonderful beauty who lived in Egypt in the second century BC, during the era of Emperor Hadrian (117 AD-138 AD), who was known to encourage art, especially engineering and architecture.

Isadora's love story

  • Isadora's love story confirms that true love does not die, even if it ends with a tragic ending like most stories.
  • She fell in love with one of the guards assigned to protect her father, he was called "Hapi", and this guard was mesmerized by her.
  • He was from the common people, and he was not from an aristocratic family.
  • Her father’s palace was surrounded by a lake, and for 3 years of pure and sincere love they met each night at the lake.
  • After this three years of sincere love, her father knew about her, and decided to prevent this love from continuing.
  • He prevented her lover from approaching the palace, and guards were assigned to observation Isadora.
  • One day, she managed to turn away from the guards, and crossed the lake to meet her lover.
  • While she was returning to the palace, she decided to throw herself into the lake, so she drowned, as she could not live without her lover.

Egyptian Juliet

Tomb of Isadora 

  • Her father set up a unique tomb for his lovely daughter, with Greek inscriptions in it, mourning her young death.
  • Isidora tomb is the most important tomb in Tuna al-Jabal archeology site.

  • As for Isadora lover, he was loyal to her until his death, he didn't married after her death.
  • He kept going every night to her tomb to light a candle inside the tomb, so that her soul would not remain alone.

  • The tomb consisting of two rooms, raised from the ground level.

  • The rooms are devoid of inscriptions, except for the Greek poem, which was written by Isadora's father to mourning her.

Egyptian Juliet

  • In the inner room, there is a funerary bed, topped by a model in the form of a shell, carried on two pillars painted to resemble marble.

Egyptian Juliet

The mummy of Isadora 

  • The funeral bed is the place for the mummy, before it is placed in a glass case inside the tomb, to preserve her mummy.

  • This was quite uncommon thing, as most mummies in Egypt have been removed from their original location.

  • The mummy was in excellent condition, this was probably because of the dry desert air, more than the quality of the embalming.

Who discovered this unique tomb

  • The tomb of "Isadora" was discovered by the Egyptian archaeologist "Sami Gabra" in 1931, the head of the excavation mission at Cairo University at the time.

  • Isadora tomb become a global destination for millions of foreign visitors, most of them are Germans.

Egyptian Juliet

  • The famous actress Faten Hamama visited this archaeological site in 1959, while filming a movie.



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