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Baron Empain Palace


Baron Empain Palace 2 had a unique architectural style building that has no parallel in the whole of Egypt.

Baron Empain Palace 2

Most of the statues in Baron Empain palace (Qasr Baron), were brought by Baron Empain from India, there are a number of European-style statues, made of white marble, with Roman features similar to the knights of the Greek, and Roman eras.

Statue of Prophet David the victorious

Baron Empain Palace 2

  • Statue of prophet David the victorious was made from white marble, it embodies the famous biblical story of the Prophet David, peace be upon him, a victor who sheaths his sword after slaughtering the giant Goliath, placing Goliath's severed head on the ground below his feet, the statue had a replica of bronze in the Orsay Museum in France, and it was sculpted in 1872, the statue explains the victory of good over evil.

Statue of  Nymph Amalthia

Baron Empain Palace 2

Statue of the Nymph Amalthia was a shepherd of the goats, whose according to Roman legend is credited with protecting the chief of the Roman god, Nymph Amalthia took care of him when he was a child and nursed him from her goat milk, to protect him from his father, who according to legend began to kill and eat his children for fear of a prophecy that one of his sons would overthrow him.

Baron Empain Palace 2

Statue of  lion Yali

  • Embodies the mythical object Yali, which appears in many Hindu temples, and is often carved on the columns, it was used to guard, and ward off evil from the temples.

Statue of destroyed god Shiva

  • Statue of destroyed god Shiva was represented in the form of a man surrounded by a number of snakes, and its mission is to destroy people on Earth after their corruption, and elimination, in preparation for the emergence of a reformed, and valid race.

Baron Empain Palace 2

Brahma statue

  • Brahma was the creator Hindu idol and is depicted in the form of a human being with four faces, and multiple hands, his mission comes after the mission of Shiva.

Opening hours

  • The dates for visiting  Baron's Palace  (Qasr Al Baron) start from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Entrance fee

It's entrance fee 100 pounds for the foreign visitor, 50 pounds for the foreign student, while 20 pounds for the Egyptian visitor, 10 pounds for the Egyptian student, that has included (visiting the palace and outdoor gardens, and the tram), except for the panorama area (the roof), where a separate ticket was specified for visiting the roof only, amounting to 50 pounds for the foreign visitor, and 20 pounds for the Egyptian visitor.

Baron empain palace wedding

Baron Empain Palace 2

  • The fees for holding a wedding party in (Qasr Al Baron) are about 60,000 pounds for 300 people, and in the event that the attendance exceeds that number, an amount of 30,000 pounds will be charged for each additional 100 people.

Tram in garden of  (Qasr Al Baron)

Baron Empain Palace 2

It considered to be the first tram line in Egypt, which over the ages has become one of the main landmarks of the Heliopolis neighbourhood.

Cars in  garden of Baron Palace  (Qasr Al Baron)

  • There are now in the palace garden of (Qasr Al Baron) after the development works, a number of old classic cars that were known in Egypt during the twenties and thirties, there is Rolls-Royce car model 1945 AD, and it was owned by King Hussein of Jordan while he was receiving his education in Egypt at "Victoria College School" in Alexandria, it was gifted by Egypt Gold Company to Baron Palace, and there is Mercedes car model 1953, it was also gifted by Egypt Gold company, to Baron Palace.

Baron Empain Palace 2

The cursed palace

Many historians mentioned that there is a curse associated with the Baron's palace, the first to mention that there is a curse afflicting everyone whose name is associated with the palace, was Baron’s son who called Jean, as Jean did not visit the palace until after the death of his father, after  visiting the palace, he knew that he had cancer, and after a few days, he was dead, and he was buried next to his father.

When the grandson of the baron wanted to come from Belgium, to visit the palace after the death of his father, and grandfather, the former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser had announced the nationalization of all Belgian property in EgyptHence, people began to strongly believe the existence of a curse in the palace.

In 1982, all of the neighbors confirmed that they saw a fire that broke out inside the palace, especially in the bedroom of the Baron, and the fire went out by itself, after these incidents, the baron's heirs refused to visit the palace, fearing a curse, and decided to sell it, especially after the Egyptian government canceled the nationalization of the palace, and it was already sold to two investors (Saudi and Syrian), after the investors bought the palace, there was a huge loss in their business, so they also decided to sell the palace, but they were not able to sell it because one hundred year had passed since the palace was built, and according to Egyptian law, any building that exceeds a hundred-year old is transformed into monuments.

Its ownership was expropriated from the investors, to the Egyptian government, who gave them another land of equal value (125 million pounds), but it seems that the curse also hit the minister who signed this agreement (Muhammad Ibrahim Suleiman), where two days after the signing, accusations of corruption were brought against the minister, and he was imprisoned.

These curse did not stop at that, when President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak decided to convert Baron's Palace into a presidential palace in the same month, the 2011 revolution took place that toppled him and his rule, until the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism decided to restore it in 2017, when the restoration work was completed and decided to open the palace as a tourist attraction in 2020, the curse occurred again, as tourism stopped in the whole world due to the Covid 19 (Corona virus), as if these curse has no end!!!!


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