Greeks Cemetery In Alexandria


Greeks Cemetery In Alexandria

Greeks Cemetery In Alexandria

  • The Greeks cemetery in Alexandria, with its distinctive architectural style, gives you the feeling of being in Athens.
  • In addition to that, it looks like an open-air museum because of its magnificence and the accuracy of tombstones inside it.
  • As it includes Greek statues of angelic faces with wings, spreading the meanings of peace and tranquility.

Greeks Cemetery In Alexandria 

  • Greeks Cemetery In Alexandria  bears witness to the greatness of the members of the Greeks community in Alexandria. 
  • Their art and creativity, as well as their eagerness to leave a sense of comfort in the hearts of all who approach them, whether they are alive or dead.
  • In addition to that, it leave an impression of their love for the land that welcomed them after they abandoned their country.

Tomb Of The Seven Religions 

  • It was named by the tomb of the Seven Religions because it contains a many cemeteries of different denominations.
  • It contains the cemeteries of the Catholic community belonging to the Vatican, the cemeteries of the Greek Orthodox, the cemeteries of the Latins, the cemeteries of the Roman Catholics, the cemeteries of the Jews, in addition to the cemeteries of the Egyptian Christians.

The origins of the Greek community in Alexandria

  • The Greeks community is one of the oldest and largest communities in Alexandria.  
  • They are also one of the largest communities that managed to get along with the Alexandrian people.
  • The origins of the Greeks community in Alexandria go back to the late 18th century, their presence increased under the rule of Muhammad Ali Pasha.

  • As they were famous for their hard work in trade, and they worked in various trades and professions, so that their number reached half Alexandria's population during the reign of Khedive Ismail.

  • The Greeks are considered one of the most communities that have been most embodied in the most important old Egyptian cinema films. 

History Of The Place 

  • The cemetery of the Greeks were built on a large plot of land, with a grant from Muhammad Ali Pasha.
  • It was constructed at the highest level, with donations from the members of the Greek community, especially the wealthy among them.

  • It bears a history of more than 400 years.
  • The cemetery is distinguished by their Greek style, of winged statues carved in the form of angels.

The most prominent personalities that were buried in it

George Antoniadis 

  • George Antoniadis was one of the most famous, and rich Greeks in Egypt, he donated his house and garden to Alexandria's governorate.

Greeks Cemetery In Alexandria

Gravestone of George Antoniadis

  • He was the one who founded Antoniadis Park, which is currently considered the most prominent park in Alexandria, Which contains rare flowers and plants.


Greeks Cemetery In Alexandria

  • She was the daughter of the most famous wood merchant in Alexandria, who called "Zorvadaki".

  • The tender little daughter was died of her illness in Switzerland, and her family was grieved with great grief.  

  • They decided to build this cemetery to commemorate its memory in the year 1880 AD.

  • Which is distinguished by the presence of a wonderful statue of guardian angel, which was made from the finest types of marble, and was carved in France.

  • The guardian Angel puts his finger in front of his mouth, to inform her visitors of the necessity of silence, so that the beautiful girl would sleep in peace.


Greeks Cemetery In Alexandria

  • It contains the tomb of the famous Archaeologist (Poti) who was the first director of the Greco-Roman Museum in Alexandria.

Greeks Cemetery In Alexandria

  • He was buried in a red granite antique coffin in implementation of his will, and is met by another similar coffin where his wife is lying.
  • It houses a memorial to 100 of the remains of Greek air force soldiers, who fell in The Middle East during the Second World War.

Tomb of the poet Cavafy

  • The poet Cavafy was one of the greatest contemporary Greek poets, and he holds both Egyptian and Greek nationalities.

Tomb of Michalides

  • He was the most famous Greek lawyer who lived in Egypt was known as "Michalides", and he worked as a legal advisor for the Greek community in Egypt.

Tomb of Asad Basili



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