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Monuments in PortSaid


An exclusive article about Monuments In Portsaid, which considered to be an Egyptian coastal city, it's nickname was the heroic city.

Monuments in PortSaid

Monuments in PortSaid 

  • it had unique monuments such as commonwealth War Memorial Cemetery, Italian House, and the Lighthouse.

Commonwealth War Memorial Cemetery

Monuments in PortSaid

Commonwealth wars Memorial Cemetery in PortSaid embody a scene that has not and will not be forgotten by human history, it is a tourist destination for the descendants of the victims of World War I and World War II from the English, the French, and other soldiers who representing different countries in the world, such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, America, Serbia, and South Africa.

It is one of 16 cemeteries scattered in the governorates of Egypt, distributed between Cairo, Alexandria, El Alamein, Port Said, Fayed, Suez and Aswan, these cemeteries are supervised by the Commonwealth Authority, which is affiliated with the British Embassy, the commonwealth Authority is an international association affiliated with the British Peoples' Association, known as the Commonwealth Cemeteries, this association includes a third of the countries in the world, constituting a quarter of the world's population, and is based in London, England, specifically in Marlborough Palace.

Its area is estimated at nearly 3 acres, which is a gift from the Egyptian government, to be permanent graves for the Allied soldiers, who were killed in the wars of 1914 and 1918, in memory of them, it is characterized by a European character, as the ground is completely covered with green grass, in addition to the presence of rare types of roses and flowers that were imported from outside Egypt to give a unique aesthetic view.

Monuments in PortSaid

The land of the cemetery contains 1094 graves, including 983 from World War I, and includes the remains of 457 Britons, 65 Australians, 11from New Zealand, 8 Indians, 437 French soldiers, a Serbian soldier and an American, as for World War II, the number of victims was 111, including 101 Britons, 3 Australians, 4 South Africans, one from East Africa, and one from West Africa.

Lighthouse of PortSaid

Monuments in PortSaid

Lighthouse of Portsaid considered to be the first reinforced a concrete building in the world, it is considered a unique model for the development of the architecture of the nineteenth century in Port Said, it was built by the French in 1868 AD, during the reign of Khedive Ismail, and its construction lasted two years, it was built for the purpose of guiding ships passing through the Suez Canal, as it directly faces the Suez Canal.

The Italian House 

Monuments in PortSaid

The Italian House was Built in 1936 AD, that is, before World War II, The stated goal: of its construction: to be headquarters for the large Italian community in Port Said at the time, which numbered about 30 thousand citizensThe hidden goal: to be the seat of the Italian ruler in Egypt, thinking that victory will be the ally of Italy and Germany in World War II.

  • The house was designed by the Italian engineer "Clemente Busiri Vici", and the actual name of the building is "Casa Italia", during the war, it was seized by Britain, it was converted for military purposes, and to be as hospital, for Allied soldiers.

 Facade of the Italian house

"Mussolini" (who was the ruler of Italy between 1922, and 1943, he is one of the founders of the Italian Fascist movement), Where he ordered the manufacture of two panels of stones for him during the war, the first was placed in his country Italy, and the second in Port Said, during the war the stone panel in Italy was destroyed, leaving only the one in Portsaid, to be the last monument of him, and the fascist party in the world.


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