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Grand Egyptian Museum 1

 Grand Egyptian Museum 1 (GEM)  A gift from Egypt to the world, it considered to be the largest archaeology museum in the world. that dedicated to one civilization (the ancient Egyptian civilization).

Grand Egyptian Museum 1

  • It is one of the largest projects in Africa and the Midde east, it will not be a museum only, but will be a pioneering center for scientific, historical and archaeological studies worldwide, it will contain more than 100.000 artifacts from the Pharaonic, Greek and Roman eras, and more than 5 million visitors are expected to visit it annually.
  • It will be a model for mixing originality with modernity, and history with modern science, The British newspaper "The Times" described the museum as "the greatest civilization, and cultural project during the current century, and chose it as the second most important 10 mega projects, which are expected to have an important role in human civilization during the coming period.

The Location 

Grand Egyptian Museum 1

The Grand Egyptian Museum was built on a plot of land about 480,000 square meters, it is distinguished by its strategic location, as this site was chosen to be a testament to the greatness of Egypt, as it is located on the Egypt-Alexandria Desert Road, it is too close to a road that serves Cairo, and the nearby cities, It is Standing just two kilometers away from the pyramids of Giza, so there will  be a walkway of 2 kilometers in length in a half kilometer width, to connect the site of the museum with the three pyramids.

  • The different levels of the earth's surface in this particular area give the impression that the museum is an extension of the hill of the pyramids of Giza, In addition to its proximity to the new Sphinx International Airport;  This enables the arrival of large numbers of tourists.

Grand Egyptian Museum 1

Egypt has launched a campaign to finance the project, which is estimated to cost about $550 million, to which Japan contributes $300 million as a soft loan, The first attempt to collect the necessary money to build this giant edifice was represented in the exhibition of Egyptian antiquities at the Art Museum in Los Angeles, in the United States under the slogan "Tutankhamun and the Pharaonic Golden Age", the foundation stone was laid for the construction of the museum in February 2002, in the era of President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, Then, the preparations and removal of natural obstacles that lasted for three years began, until the establishment of the museum began in 2005, In addition to the evacuation of the shooting club, as its location will be a stage for the opening ceremony of the Grand Egyptian Museum, as it is scheduled to last for 12 days.

Grand Egyptian Museum plan

  • The façade of the museum is different and unique, it was executed with Egyptian hands and locally made materials, to be confirmation to the world that grandchildren follow in the footsteps of grandparents.
  • It was covered with Egyptian marble extracted from the Sinai quarries, which was used by the ancient Egyptian in carving statues and architectural elements in the temples, the outward face of the Grand Egyptian Museum includes seven pyramids, each of which is divided into smaller triangles symbolizing pyramids, the number (7) has nodal and heritage connotations, related to the Egyptian civilization, and its heritage over centuries.

Decorative wall

The initial budget for the implementation of this wall was 200 million dollars, due to the import of more than 29,000 meters of marble, and these amount was unnecessarily too much, so the Egyptian government resorted to replacing these type of imported marble with Egyptian marble from Aswan quarries, which helped in  Saving more than $180 million.

Entrance of  Grand Egyptian Museum 

There are several cartouches engraved on the main entrance to the Grand Egyptian Museum containing about 25 names of ancient Egyptian kings who ruled Egypt.

  1. From the Old Kingdom (King Khufu, King Khafre, King Menkaure, and King Sneferu).
  2. From the Middle Kingdom (King Senusret).
  3. From the new kingdom there are cartouches of  (King Ahmose, King Amenhotep II, King Akhenaten, King Tutankhamun and King Ramses II).

These cartouches are considered an honor plate bearing the names of the rulers of ancient Egypt.

                                                               《To be CONTINUED part 2


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