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Hanging Church


Hanging Church (The Religious Complex) considered to be one of the most important and famous Egyptian church at all, as it was built on the ruins of a place where the Holy Family (Virgin Mary, Christ the Child, Saint Joseph the Carpenter), They spent in Egypt 2 years and 6 months to escape from Herod (the ruler of Palestine), who ordered the killing of children for fear of a prophecy that indicated a danger threatening the Roman state, from a child from Israel.

Hanging Church

It was built with an engineering idea that does not exist in the world as it is hung on two towers because it was built on the ruins of a Roman fort dating back to the second century AD, and the hanging church is about 13 meters above the ground, during the Middle Ages it was called the Church of the Stairs because of the 23 steps leading to it.

Hanging Church

When was the Hanging Church was built?

  • Its construction dates back to the end of the fourth century, and the beginning of the fifth century AD.

Hanging Church location 

  • Hanging Church location within the Old Cairo neighborhood, meters away from the Amr Ibn Al-Aas MosqueBen Ezra Jewish Temple, the St. Mina Church next to the Babylon Fortress, and the Martyr Mercurius Church known as Abu Sven.


  • It is worth noting that this church was renewed several times during the Islamic era, the first time in the caliphate of Harun al-Rashid when the Patriarch Anba Marks asked the governor for permission to renew the church, and the second time during the reign of Abdulaziz, Its restoration began again in 1998, it lasted 16 years, and cost more than $5 million, was inaugurated by Ibrahim Mahlab, the Egyptian Prime Minister.


  • The area of the hanging church does not exceed 23.5 meters in length, 18.5 meters in width and 9.5 meters in height.

Hanging Church

  • It includes 13 giant columns representing Christ, and 12 Apostles, The second floor of the church is distinguished by its colorful walls and inscriptions that have a characteristic of that archaeological area, It  has 110 icons, the oldest of them dates back to the 8th century, while most of them dates to the 18th century, giving it a historical richness, in addition a wooden icon dating back to the fifth or sixth century AD was found with the scene of Christ entering Jerusalem in victory.

The southern part

  • In the southern part of the church there is a small door made of pine wood inlaid with ivory, It leads to the so-called Little Church, which is in fact a side cabin built over the eastern tower of the southern gate of the fortress, and it is currently the oldest remaining parts of the original building of the church, the most important thing in the hanging church (Religious Complex) is the columns extracted from the ancient Egyptian temples, there are three sanctuary bearing the names of the Virgin Mary and Saint John the Baptist, in addition to the name of Saint Mary Gerges.

Hanging Church

  • The Hanging Church has two gates, one for visitors to enter, and the other to exit, Parts of the Egyptian national newspapers were hung on one of the entrances walls to record the most important events and scenes from the modern history of Copts in Egypt, perhaps the most important of which was the appearance of the Virgin in her church in the Zeitoun neighborhood after the defeat of the 1967 war.

The Importance

  • It  considered to be one of the oldest churches in Egypt, and the most beautiful in its architectural style, these church was considered the first papal headquarters in Cairo, it holds many major Christian religious celebrations in it, A number of patriarchs were buried there in the eleventh, and twelfth centuries, and they still have icons inside the church for which candles are lit for them, Trials were held for priests and bishops inside it.

Hanging Church

Address Code

  • There is no strict dress code, but it's better to wear clothes that goes down to at least your knees.

Entrance Fee

  • It’s free.


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