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Tutankhamun's rings

Tutankhamun's rings

An exclusive article in Tutankhamun's rings.

Tutankhamun's rings

  • King Tutankhamun's signature ring made from pure gold. 
  • It inscribed with the coronation name of the king, which was (Tutankhamun is the beloved of Amun Ra, the master of eternity).
  • This piece is one of the few pieces shown outside from the tomb of Tutankhamun, as it is one of the pieces that Carter took in exchange for his excavations in the Valley of the Kings.
  •  It is preserved in the Metropolitan Museum.

Tutankhamun's rings

  • This signature ring of King Tutankhamen, it was made of pure gold, and green agate, which is a rare gemstone on which the name, and the image of the god Ptah was recorded in it.

Tutankhamun's rings

  • This piece is one of the most beautiful and most wonderful gold jewelry that you can ever see.
  • This a ring made from pure gold, inlaid with emeralds, its beautiful decorations are designed in the style of the art of granulation, which often consists of engineering elements, with great precision.
Tutankhamun's rings

  • King Tutankhamun's ring it has more than one face, it is distinguished  with the finite precision and the good taste.


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