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Villa Of The Birds

Villa Of The Birds

  • Villa Of The Birds which considered to be Mosaic Museum
  • It's one of the few residential buildings that have been found for the wealthiest citizens in Alexandria, it gives us a good idea of what these resistances.
  • It looked like centuries ago when they were first built.
  • Using the stone  cube for mosaics were unsuccessful in early centuries, but Alexandria was center for glass production, it reached a peat of perfection in the Roman period,  so that  Alexandria exported it to all over the world.

History Of  Villa

  • Villa Of The Birds dating back to the period of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, who ruled Egypt, and a large empire during the second century.

Villa Of The Birds

  • The researchers knew the date of the villa’s construction from coins that were found in the foundation of the building, as ancient and modern Alexandrian people have a strange habit, before building any place, they put coins in the foundation of the building, they were believed that this would make the owner of the place rich.
  • It is distinguished by the unique mosaics of its floor, as it is one of the few examples that shed light on the development of mosaic making.

Villa fire

  • In the late third century AD great fire happened in this place, it caused the bulge of mosaics, and blackened it's surface.

The Description

  • It consists of six hexagonal panels in which the lotus flower stands out, surrounded by a typical circular frame,  this design is most prominent in the dining rooms of Roman homes.

Mosaic Panel

  • There is a mosaic panel hung on the wall of the villa.

Villa Of The Birds

This is not its original location, it was found at the entrance to the villa, as it was used as door lintels.
  • It  had a text written in Greek language which means  (Welcome back).
  • Dionysus (he was the god of wine, inspired rituals of joy and ecstasy), represented here holding a glass of wine.
  • There is also an inscription of a cross for the first time in history, a three-dimensional drawing as those who step on it deeply feels in perspective, and think that their feet will slide inside it.

Villa Of The Birds

  • It was called by archaeologists who discovered it “Villa of the Birds”, due to the wonderful mosaic floor in the main room of the structure that displays many types of  birds such as (Parrot, Peacock, Ducks, Quail, and Pigeons)

Villa Of The Birds

  • There is a greenhouse surrounds the villa to protect the mosaic from element’s.
  • A head statue of Alexander the great made of marble has been found in this villa, and it is now on display in Alexandria's library.

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