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Mountain of the Dead 

Mountain of the Dead

  • Mountain of the Dead is unique, as there is no parallel in the world in terms of its nature and history.

  • It is distinguished of being one of the wonders of that region.

  • Its height is about 50 meters, while its soil is calcareous.

  • It was called with this name because it contains nearly 3000 pharaonic tombs.

  • It's design is combines between ancient Egyptian, and Greek art.

The location 

  • It is located 2 km from Siwa, which is one of the most beautiful oases in the world, it is more than 650 kilometers faraway from the capital, Cairo.

  • Burial began in it since the Twenty-Sixth Dynasty

  • It continued until the Ptolemaic and Roman eras, that is, even before the Islamic conquest of Egypt in the seventh century AD, meaning that the burial processes continued for more than 10 centuries.

The discovery

Mountain of the Dead

  • It was discovered by chance during  World War II, in 1944, when the people of Siwa were forced to flee from the fire of the ongoing battle between the German, Italian, and British armies, to hide in it.

  • Siwa was characterized by many myths, and different stories.

  • One of those myths speaks about the stability of the population of the mountain region, which does not exceed 340 people.

  • It is due to the fact that an old man dies in the evening, if a child was born in the morning, and the strange thing is that this coincidence actually happened to them too much, that's made them believe in this myth very much.

Entrance fee 

  • It is 20 pounds for the Egyptian, and 5 pounds for Egyptian students.

  • As for foreigner it is 100 pounds, and 50 pounds for foreigner student.


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