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Valley Of The Golden Mummies

Valley Of The Golden Mummies considered to be the largest cemetery in Egypt that dating back to the Greco-Roman era, it contains about 10,000 golden mummies, most of which belonged to an aristocracy that lived in the Bahariya oases during the Greco-Roman era.

Valley Of The Golden Mummies

The discovery of the Valley of the Golden Mummies is the second largest archaeological discovery in the 20th century after Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb.

Abdul maugud discovered the Valley of the Golden Mummies

  • It was discovered in 1996 by chance as Sheikh Abdul Maugud, the keeper of the temple of "Alexander the Great" was preparing to return to his home after the end of his work, he noticed that his donkey was running in a panic near a certain place, when he went to investigate the matter, he found that the donkey's foot had fallen into a hole in the ground, When he looked inside, he found faces of gold looking at him and smiling, That was the beginning of the detection of the Valley of the Golden Mummies in Bahariya Oasis.

Dr. Zahi Hawass

  • The excavation was carried out in Valley of the golden Mummies by Dr. Zahi Hawass who was the Former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs of Egypt

Where is the Valley of Golden mummies located?

  • It is located in Bahariya oasis, which is widely known among the most beautiful tourist areas on the Egyptian lands, as it combines the magic of nature with historical monuments, valley of the golden mummies has an area ​​about 36 km.

Egyptian finds

  • No writings, drawings, texts or names of the owners of these mummies were found in the tombs, while many collectibles, including jewelry, and many Roman coins, were found, through these collectibles the history of this valley was known, as it dates back to the third century BC.

Mummification processes of these Mummies

  • The Romans thought at this time about imitating the pharaohs in the mummification process, but they failed in reaching the high technology that the ancient Egyptians (pharaohs) reached, as most of the mummies were damaged, decomposed and charred, they made  mistake during the mummification they did not remove the viscera (intestines + Heart + lungs + liver) from most of the mummies, as is the case with the pharaohs, which led to the charring, decomposition, and destruction of most of the mummies

Egyptian Golden Mummies 

  • They made Gypsum masks for their dead, and they painted it with gold, to take the same true features of a person before his death because they believed that when the soul returns to the body, the soul of the deceased can recognize its owner.

  • The main cause of death for most of them was cholera or the plague, that has explained the possibility that the oasis was exposed at this ancient time to a large epidemic that killed a large part of the population.

  •  It has been closed, it is not open to the public, because the site remains under study and discovery, and the search is still going on inside it

 Tomb No 54, Valley of Golden Mummies, Bahariya Oasis, Giza, Egypt

  • It considered to be largest tomb from the Greek Roman era that has been discovered until now.
  • Tomb No. 54 belongs to the major owners of agricultural land in this area.
  • It contains 23 mummies, some of them have a golden plaster mask, and a cartonnage pectoral decorated with decorations of the ancient Egyptian gods.
  • The tomb was opened for visiting 15 years after the discovery.


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