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Amulets (part 2)

In article Amulets (part 2) i will explain heart amulet, the god Bes amulet, frog amulet, fish amulet, scarab amulet, goddesses bestat amulet,and snake head amulet, while in article amulets (part 1) I explained key of life amulet, gd amulet and wedgt amulet.

Amulets (part 2)


Amulets (part 2)

Heart was the most important organ for the ancient Egyptians because of

  1. Its function in pumping blood to the organs of the body.
  2. It is the source of feelings, actions and the store of memory, and hence it is the source of a person's identity.  

For this reason, it was weighed on the balance of justice in the afterlife to determine whether the deceased was worthy of entering Heaven or not.

Spell No. 30 was written on it, from the Book of the Dead, this incantation says, "O my heart, which I inherited from my mother, do not be a witness against me, and do not say lies in the trial".

God Bes

Amulets (part 2)

The God "Bes" was the ancient Egyptian idol for humor and fun.

The ancient Egyptians chose for this deity a funny form, as they formed him as a small dwarf, his tongue sticking out from his mouth, combining the form of a human and a monkey, as cultural heritage is spreading that the god "Bes" symbolizes the achievement of sexual fertility among the men of Pharaonic Egypt, therefore, the amulet of Bes was and still is worn by men, in chains around their necks for this purpose.

  • In addition to that we have to know that the ancient Egyptian civilization was known for its reverence for animals and birds.

Women in ancient Egypt used special amulets to pregnancy, and amulets in facilitating the birth process, some of them were wear amulets in the form of female animals, which are characterized by numerous offspring, such as frogs, and others in the form of female animals that are characterized by a large abdomen and breasts, such as the hippopotamus, god "Taourt".

Frog Amulet 

Why did the Egyptians link the frog to rebirth, and life? Because they noticed that during the winter hibernation the frogs stops all of its activities, hides among the rocks, or in ponds, or on the banks of rivers, during this period it were not eating any food, as if it were dead, until the beginning of the following spring, then it goes out, and become active again.

So, the ancient Egyptians viewed frogs as a symbol of resurrection, this amulet was specifically used by infertile women, to ensure fertility and childbearing to them, in addition to that, it was buried with the dead, to ensure their rejuvenation in the afterlife.

Fish Amulets

Amulets (part 2)

Children wore amulets in the form of fish, to protect those who wear them from drowning in the Nile.


Scarab is a black insect, one of its habits is to collect animal dung and lay their eggs in it, to ensure food for the larvae, then roll the dung in front of it. 
This process of dung collection contributed to the continuous ventilation of agricultural soil, in addition to protecting animals from infection with harmful viruses resulting from dung

  • Therefore, the ancient Egyptians believed that this beetle, hidden within itself the power of constantly renewing its life.

The scarab became the ancient Egyptian amulet that gives its owner the resurrection again, and provides him with good luck and rejuvenation, especially the types made of green or blue faience.

Amulets (part 2)

Besides their use as Amulets, scarabs were used in ancient Egypt as seals bearing the names and titles of employees, and happy wishes were inscribed on some of them, while Amulets in the shape of a winged scarab have become popular since the 25th Dynasty.

 Goddess Bastet Amulet

Amulets (part 2)

Goddess Bastet Amulet took the shape of cat, which was sanctified by the ancient Egyptian, this amulet was mainly worn by women, to be placed under the care of this goddess, and possibly to gain fertility.

  • In ancient Egypt killing a cat was considered a great sin, and was punishable by death.
  • The ancient Egyptian used to raise cats at home, and when a cat die, it's owner would express his grief by shaving his eyebrows, in addition to that they mummified their cats, like they mummified their dead, as tomb was found containing one million delicately mummified cats, a sign of the ancient Egyptians' respect for them.

Loving these animals played a cruel joke with the Egyptians during the war with the Persians, the truth is that the Persian king knew the Egyptians' intense love for cats, so he ordered his soldiers to tie a cat to every shield, the Egyptian soldiers simply did not dare to shoot the holy cats, and they were easily caught by the Persians.

Snakes head Amulet

  • Snakes head Amulet was placed on the dead body to prevent snake biting him in the grave or the hereafter.


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