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Strangest Custom In Ancient Egypt

Strangest Custom In Ancient Egypt includes Marriage ring, children clothesTreatment of infection with moldy bread, The right to strike, Condolences for their dead, we will know all of them thorough this exclusive article.

Strangest Custom In Ancient Egypt

Strangest Custom In Ancient Egypt 

Marriage ring

  • Marriage ring was called by the Pharaohs as the “resurrection ring” This is because it has no beginning or end, and of course it means the continuation of the marriage indefinitely, This custom continued to this day in Egypt and the whole world, Its concept among the Pharaohs was that it was one of the important things in marriage because it gives blessing, love and the permanence of the relationship between spouses.

Children's clothing

  • They had a very strange habit, that a child should not wear any clothes until they reach their teens.

Treatment of infection with moldy bread

  • Treatment of infection with moldy bread, as the ancient Egyptians were known for their tremendous ability in medicine and herbal remedies, Despite the discovery of the antibiotic after thousands of years, the Pharaohs were the first to treat their patients through the rotten bread on which the penicillin fungus grows and extracted, as, it is one of the best antibiotics.

The right to strike

  • The pharaohs had some democratic laws, including giving slaves freedom to strike in order to obtain their rights.

Condolences for their dead

  • Even today, all over Egypt, Egyptians pay Condolences for their dead after their death, and again after forty days have passed, That was one of the most important customs of the pharaohs in death and mummification, as there was a belief that this makes the soul of the deceased free and go to the other world in peace.

The Eye Of Horus

  • The Eye Of Horus was an important amulet even today, you find some Egyptians in the countryside and Upper Egypt who hang the Eye of Horus on the doors of their house in order to ward off evil, enemies, and envy from them, As the eye of Horus symbolized the god Horus who was considered the god of peace and protection.

Preventing pregnancy (Birth control method)

Strangest Custom In Ancient Egypt

They had several methods of birth control, through natural mixtures and herbs, Their method was effective but very disgusting.

  1. Women brings tree leaves and mixes them with the crocodile droppings, and then she infuses this mixture inside her.
  2. Men in ancient egypt also used to do things to birth control, as some of them used to rub onions on the penis to protect themselves from childbearing.

Baby Gender Test

Strangest Custom In Ancient Egypt

  • The ancient Egyptians were the first to characterize the gender of the fetus through the urination of women on wheat and barley seeds, If the barley grew, they know that the fetus will be a girl, if the wheat grew, they know the fetus will be a boy.

Customs and taboos definition

  • Mummification of women in ancient Egypt was different than mummification of men, although in the Pharaonic civilization, women enjoyed equality with men in all rights, However, if a man died among the pharaohs, he would be mummified immediately, As for the women, they had a different treatment, especially if it were a beautiful lady, she was left for four or five days until she dissolved, before, she was sent to the embalmers.

  • The main reason behind this was that people at that time did not trust the embalmers for fearing that one of them would rape the body of the beautiful woman, especially after one of the embalmers caught his colleague while he was carrying out this criminal act and reported it.

Cats death

  • Cats were one of the holiest animals of the ancient Egyptians, and when a cat dies, everyone in the family that owns the cat shaves their eyebrows as an expression of mourning, in addition to that, Dead cats were mummified and buried in a cat cemetery.

Circumcision in ancient Egypt

Strangest Custom In Ancient Egypt

  • Circumcision in ancient Egypt was one of the Strangest Customs in Ancient Egypt, it was performed on adolescent men who were about to begin the priesthood or on adult males of the noble class, and this comes according to archaeological and historical records, as, Egyptian circumcision appears on the walls of temples.


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