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Alexandria National Museum 3

Alexandria National Museum 3 includes about 800 artifacts covering all eras. from the ancient state to the modern eraAlexandria National Museum 3 pieces depict civilizationculturearts and industries of Egypt during these eras.

Alexandria National Museum 3

Alexandria National Museum 3

The artifacts were brought from several museums, including the Egyptian Museum, the Islamic Museum, the Coptic Museum in Cairo, and the Greco-Roman Museum in Alexandria.

Modern section

Modern section includes a variety of holdings of the Muhammad Ali family of silver, gold and jewelry that were used by princes, and kings.

Alexandria National Museum 3

An antique torch made of gold, silver and ebony, it was a souvenir from the Ministry of Education on the occasion of King Farouk's twenty-seventh birthday.

Behind it a tableau of oval porcelain, bearing natural portrait of King Farouk in royal clothes during his youth.

Medal of King Farouk I

Alexandria National Museum 3

A commemorative gold medal presented to King Farouk I "King of Egypt and Sudan, issued on the occasion of the opening of Farouk I University (currently Alexandria University) in 1942 AD.

  1. It has a picture of King Farouk and Alexander the Great, in front of King Farouk’s face is an inscription in Arabic that reads “Farouk the First, King of Egypt.” 
  2. Above the head of Alexander the Great is an inscription in Greek, “Alexander the Great, Alexandria's establisher" 1361 AH - 1942.

Alexandria National Museum 3

A silver fish for the eating tools which were placed inside it, such as forks, knives, and spoons.

The Devil's Rebellion Shield

Alexandria National Museum 3

The Devil's Rebellion Shield it is a Milton shield produced by the English "Elkington & Co" group specialized in the manufacture of silverware. It was designed by the French artist "Leonard Merrill Ladoy", and this shield was specially made to participate in the International Exhibition of Art and Industry of 1867 AD, which was held in Paris.

The shield is made of silver-coated steel, depicting scenes inspired by the epic Paradise Lost by the English poet John Milton (1674-1608), which tells the story of Satan's rebellion, Adam and Eve's exodus from heaven and their descent to earth, according to the epic.

  • The scene that occupies the center of the shield depicts Adam and Eve, with the angel “Raphael” in front of them, telling them the story of the defeat of the rebellious Satan and his henchmen.
  • Below this scene is the picture of the angel Michael, carrying a sword and attacking Satan with it.
  •  The other scenes depict sin and death and depict the rest of the events of the conflict.
  •  while the outer frame depicts the zodiac, which indicates the passage and succession of time.

More than one copy of this shield is available, the most famous of which is kept in the V&A (Victoria and Albert) Museum in London, another copy is preserved in the Metropolitan Museum, and a third copy is preserved in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Islamic section

  • Islamic section has a group of weapons dating back to the Islamic era, in addition to a group of metals, glass and ceramics dating back to different Islamic eras.

It is a semi-circular helmet, equipped with a net consisting of small circular rings, and a nose guard. 


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