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Mask of Tutankhamun


Mask of Tutankhamun is considered to be the most expensive artifact on the planet.

what is Tutankhamun 's mask made of?

It is made from pure gold about 11 kilos, in addition precious stones, some of them are rare, and some are not found now on Earth.

Mask of Tutankhamun

It was well-made by more than 120%, this was in the ancient era is something that is impossible to happen, but it happened by hands of the ancient Egyptian artist, who was one of the most important reasons for distinguishing the ancient Egyptian civilization, as the artist was creative in every artistic work.

  • Since the British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered Tut's tomb in 1922, the king's life and treasure have become an interesting subject for writing, research and discovery from all the archeologists all over the world, as Carter described Tut’s treasure in his handwritten notes as “a strange, and wonderful mixture of extraordinary, and beautiful things.”

Mask of Tutankhamun function

The mask is a picture of the king in order for his soul to be able to identify his mummy and to complete the process of resurrection in the other world according to the belief of the ancient Egyptians.

  • The seams in the mask are so elaborate, it is so perfect like seams which made by lasers nowadays, and this increases the mystery of the ancient Pharaonic history.

Hieroglyphic text

Mask of Tutankhamun

The golden mask bears a Hieroglyphic text engraved on its back, which is a magical writing like an incantation, the purpose of which is to help the deceased cross into the underworld, part from it says “Strength opens its wings to those who deserve it, and death spreads its wings to every coward.”

Mask of Tutankhamun facts

 Beard of Tut was discovered separated from the mask in 1922, it was installed at the end of the 1940s, and then accidentally removed in August 2014 while repairing the mask's screen lighting

  • The restoration process lasted for 9 weeks, during which no chemicals were used, to dissolve the adhesive, that was previously used to stick the beard in 1940.
  •  but rather mechanical methods were used to remove the adhesive with wooden tools, so as not to scratch the mask, then they used beeswax, as it is the original material that was used by the ancient Egyptian in reinstalling the beard.

The restoration process was carried out by a German-Egyptian team, the cost of the restoration was about one million dollars, paid by the German Institute of Archeology in Cairo.

Ears of the mask

Mask of Tutankhamun

  • Ears of the mask had two holes to wear earrings, so there is archeology said that the mask belongs to a woman, here we have to know the fact that all the rulers of the Eighteenth Dynasty wore earrings during their reign, in addition that the monuments which found in King Tut's tomb included a set of earrings, so that prove that the mask not belonged to a woman, as Tutankhamun was wearing earrings, so it was natural to found holes, in the ear of his golden's mask.

Where is the mask of Tutankhamun now?

This unique masterpiece was displayed in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, but now it is display in the grand egyption museum  (GEM).


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