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Mosque of Abu-Abbas Al-Mursi, The largest mosques in Alexandria


Mosque of Abu-Abbas Al-Mursi, The largest mosques in Alexandria, it was built in unique Andalusian architectural style.

Mosque of Abu-Abbas Al-Mursi, The largest mosques in Alexandria

Mosque of Abu-Abbas Al-Mursi, The largest mosques in Alexandria

  • The mosque is distinguished by being the first mosque in Egypt to use reinforced concrete in its construction.

Imam abu abbas al mursi

  • Al-mursi Abu El Abbas lived in Alexandria for 43 years, which he spent in spreading the teachings of the Islamic religion, and urging people to piety.

The Italian Engineer Mario Rossi

  • It was designed by an Italian engineer called Mario Rossi in 1933, by decision of King Fouad I, Where this engineer came to Egypt with a huge group of European architects to work on the architectural renaissance of modern Egypt.

  1. The young Italian architect Mario Rossi spent 16 years to finish building the mosque, as the construction of the Abu al-Abbas Mosque faced many obstacles. the first of which was the suspension of work due to the global financial crisis in the year (1929-1930), as there were no funds available to complete the construction.

    2- the construction stops again due to the death of King Fouad in 1936.

    3-King Farouk came to try to revive the project, but construction stopped again after the outbreak of the Second World War, so construction work stopped

  • Due to designing this unique mosque, Mario Rossi became the chief engineer of the Egyptian Ministry of Endowments and a supervisor of the royal palaces, it is said that after the opening of the mosque, the architect Mario Rossi converted to Islam.

The facades

  • The design of the facades of this mosque from the inside and the outside, is distinguished by the fact that the decorations and ornaments are distributed to all parts of the facades in one proportion, and it is not restricted to one part without the other, as it appears in most mosques.

Minaret of The masjid

  • The high of its minaret is about 72 meters, it is decorated with inscriptions from the Holy Qur’an engraved in French gold.

  • The number of columns inside the mosque reached 16 columns which made from granite stone, While the mosque floors are made from white marble.

woman's prayer 

  • There is a place designated for women’s prayer, It overlooks the courtyard of the mosque through a covered balcony called (the Mashrabiya), from which the female worshipers can hear the  sermons, while they are hidden from the view of the male worshipers.

Basement of The Mosque 

  • The floor of al-mursi mosque rises from the level of the surrounding ground by 3.20 meters. This height was occupied by the work of a basement at the bottom of the mosque, for ventilation and to be used as a storehouse for the objects of the mosque.  

  • The existence of this basement provided another great benefit that was not appreciated at the time of its construction, as it was used during the intensification of air raids on the city of Alexandria as a general hideout, as it accommodated three thousand refugees.


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