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Douche's treasure is the world's most valuable treasure

Douche's treasure is the world's most valuable treasure, it consists of 8 pieces, each piece is made of pure gold and is considered an unparalleled masterpiece, It is worth noting that golden ornaments were used by the ancient Egyptians to decorate the living and the dead. 

Douche's treasure is the world's most valuable treasure

 Western Desert in Egypt 

Egypt was ruled by the Romans, who paid great attention to the Egyptian Western Desert, 1850 years ago, During the roman era, this area was a very prosperous agricultural area, so the Romans considered it the most important source of wheat and wine for Rome the capital, Therefore, they built forts and castles to protect this area, which is characterized by a distinct geographical location on road of the commercial convoys, in addition to water wells, to irrigate large areas of fields.

Douche Temple

Douche's treasure is the world's most valuable treasure

  • Douche Temple is one of the archaeological temples that are located inside the remains of an ancient fortress, located in the north-east of the city of Dosh, in Paris's center in the New Valley Governorate
  • Its name was Kush, in relation to the goddess Kush, who is believed to have been present in this place.
  • The temple was made of limestone, while the surrounding walls were built of mud bricks, where the white color of the mud bricks makes the temple attractive and visible from a long distance,  it was dedicated to the worship of Osiris, Isis and Horus, while it was built during the period of the emperors Domitian, Hadrian, and Trajan.

  • Unfortunately the temple and the city were completely abandoned in the 4th century AD due to the drying up of the wells.
  • This wonderful treasure was found in a pottery bowl in one of the rooms of a fortress near the Temple of Dosh, suspended in the air.

French Institute of Archeology

  • In 1989, the work of a French scientific mission began to restore this unique area, where it discovered one of the most valuable treasures in the world, the Douche treasure.

Egyptian Museum

  • When the treasure was found it was transferred to the Egyptian Museum, but it was in a very bad condition, and it remained in storage for 16 years, until a decision was made to display it in the Egyption Museum for the first time in March 2005, after its restoration in a specialized laboratory in the Egyptian Museum.

 Treasure collectibles

  • The golden wreath is considered one of the most important masterpieces of Doush’s treasure, It is made of pure gold and weighs 363 grams. 
  • It is a golden crown made of grape leaf-shaped, with a golden ingot in the middle carrying a statue of the god Serapis inside the facade of a small temple.
  • The right side of the crown is decorated with a ribbon of eight grape leaves that end with poppy flowers, and on the left side are nine grape leaves that end with a wire coiled at the end of 11 cylindrical beads representing poppy flowers that symbolize fertility.
  •  The treasure also contains a necklace collected by a gold wire in the form of a snake, and it weighs about 493 grams.
  • The treasure also includes two bracelets decorated with golden leaves, in the first a lobe of polished orange agate, and on the second a green glass lobe.

Douche's treasure is the world's most valuable treasure

  • Experts believe that the owner of the bracelets was either an obese woman, or that this type of bracelet was used to decorate the upper arms.
  • The treasure also included a falcon head made of gold, while its eyes made of the Obsidian stone, in addition to a number of the queen’s crowns and gold chains with chest ornaments and a number of rings, necklaces, anklets and bracelets in different shapes.

Douche's treasure is the world's most valuable treasure

  • Until now and after thousands of years this unique masterpieces imitated and inspired by a number of designers of jewelry to be worn by women today.
  • Among the treasure pieces are 212 gold bars that the Egyptian restorers assembled in two necklaces, one large and the other small, in addition to two silver plates engraved on one of them the image of Queen Wagt placing the crown of Upper Egypt and on the second the image of the queen herself wearing the crown of Lower Egypt.

 The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization 

Douche's treasure is the world's most valuable treasure


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