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Luxor's rams road- The magic of the ancient Egyptian civilization


Luxor's rams road- The magic of the ancient Egyptian civilization, It is one of the most important tourist attractions in the world, and the largest open museum on earth.

Luxor's rams road- The magic of the ancient Egyptian civilization
Luxor's rams road- The magic of the ancient Egyptian civilization

Opening ceremony of the sphinx Avenue in Luxor

  • The Rams' Road celebration will be a message to the civilized, educated world, that Luxor is back again, to be at the forefront of cultural tourism in the world.
  • It is expected to turn the ancient Pharaonic city of Thebes into the largest open museum in the world after its renovation and restoration.

Postponing date of the opening ceremony

  • Postponing the date of the opening ceremony of the "Road of the Rams" in Luxor sparked widespread controversy in Egypt, after it was scheduled to be held on November 4, 2021, coinciding with the governorate's national holiday and the anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb, now It is scheduled to open on November 25, 2011.

Rams Road Egypt

  • The ancient Egyptian called Rams Road "Wat nthr", which means the way of God.
  • The Tourist Rams Road has an area of ​​about 2.700 meters, it connects Karnak Temple in the north with Luxor Temple in the south, on both sides of the road there are about 1.059 statues of "rams" and antique statues of the "Sphinx", in an archaeological scene that amazes the minds.
  • The statues stacked on both sides of the road are not all in the same condition or in one form, as some of them were damaged, vandalized, or lost parts of them, while the majority remained steadfast, bearings witness to the ancient civilization and history of Egypt.

Sphinx Avenue Luxor

  • The carving of rams was also diversified into three forms, the first form in the form of a lion's body and a ram's head, the second in the form of a ram head and ram body, and the third type was in the form of a ram's body and a human head, it dates back to the 18th and 30th dynasty eras

Ancient Egypt news

  • The idea of ​​constructing that "magic" road, which is 76 meters wide, began during the era of King Amenhotep III, the ninth pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty and considered one of the greatest rulers of Egypt throughout history in the period between (1391 BC - 1353 BC). 
  • Then King Ramses II came and repaired it and added his name to many rams, and the work continued on the road for about a thousand years, until it was completed during the reign of King Nectanebo I, founder of the Thirtieth Dynasty (founder of the 30th and last Pharaonic dynasty).

Opet feast

  • Opet feast is one of the oldest, and most important festivals in ancient Egypt, the celebration of it was held annually during the harvest season, It symbolizes "the rejuvenation of the kings of the pharaohs inspired by nature".
  • During the celebration, the statues (Goddess of the Theban Triad - Amun, Mut and their son Khonsu) hidden from view inside their sacred boats are escorted in a large festive procession.

Luxor Governorate

  • Luxor Governorate has a great diversity of antiquities, and was previously selected as the capital of history and culture, and is currently chosen as the most important tourist destination in the world by specialized tourism magazines.



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