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Al-Silsilah sculpture, White Sails Statue, Alexandria


Al-Silsilah sculpture, White Sails Statue is one of the most important tourist attractions in Alexandria.

Al-Silsilah sculpture, White Sails Statue, Alexandria

Who made Al-Silsilah sculpture, White Sails Statue?

This magnificent statue was carved by the creative Egyptian sculptor Fathy Mahmoud, he is the same artist who sculpted the statue of Talaat Harb in Cairo.

He started sculpting Al-silsila statue in 1962 and finished sculpting it in 1968, and he gifted it to the city he had always loved Alexandria.

The story of Whait Sails statue.

  • The statue has great historical symbolism, as the bull represents an ancient legend about the god of the sea, and the beautiful and charming woman symbolizes the picturesque coastal city "Alexandria", which captivates everyone who goes to it or lives in it.
  • As for the white sails, it is the embodiment of the blending of the Greek and Roman civilizations with the Alexandrian civilization for more than 6 centuries.

Where is the location of Al-Silsilah sculpture?

The statue is located in front of the planetarium of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and in Al-Silsila Square in the Azarita area.

The al-Silsilah statue is named after the place where it was placed, as it was placed in the al-Silsilah Square in El- Azarita

Muslim brotherhood 

In 2013, during the Muslim brotherhood’s rule in Egypt who wanted to destroy all the monuments in Egypt, the white sails statue was defaced, as unknown people were painted it with blue colour  in an attempt to disfigure it.

Al-Silsilah sculpture, White Sails Statue, Alexandria

  • Later the statue was cleaned and restored it, to stand as a witness to the history of the most important coastal city on the Mediterranean.


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