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Istabl Antar | Speos Artemidos

Istabl Antar | Speos Artemidos it is unfinished rare temple built by the famous queen Hatshepsut from the new kingdom to the goddess Pakht, it is considered the oldest temple entirely carved in the rock in Egypt.

Istabl Antar | Speos Artemidos
Istabl Antar | Speos Artemidos 

Where is the location of Istabl Antar | Speos Artemidos? 

It is located 2 km southeast of Beni Hassan in Minya government.

Minya government.

  • Minya Governorate is characterized by the fact that it contains many historical monuments from different eras, starting with the ancient monuments and tombs of the Pharaohs, passing through the Coptic era with its historical churches as the Holy Family passed from it during their journey in Egypt , so that Minya Governorate became one of the most wonderful archaeological areas in Egypt, therefore Mallawi Museum is in it.

Speos Artemidos |Grotto of Artemis

The uncompleted temple Istabl Antar | Speos Artemidos was dedicated to the goddess Pakht which take the form of "wild cat", the Greeks likened it with the goddess Artemis, so the Greeks called the temple " (Grotto of Artemis), as it was completely carved in the rock.

Why it called Istabl Antar?

The reason for calling that area “ Istabl Antar ” is because all the results indicate that “Antar Ibn Shaddad” who was one of the heroes of Arab folklore stories, came to Minya government, and lived there for some time and built barn for his horses inside this unfinished temple, which made people later called it “ Istabl Antar ” until now.  

  • The importance of the incomplete temple of Queen Hatshepsut is due to the presence of an inscription on the front facade of the temple, in which it refers to the vandalism that occurred in Egypt's temples during the rule of the Hyksos, and this was the earliest record described the situation of Egypt under the rule of the Hyksos.

Why was Hatshepsut removed from history?

When King Thutmose III ruled Egypt, he erased the queen's cartouches from her Temple in ilmania, as he did in her mortuary temple, Deir al-Bahari temple in Luxor, as he hated her because she was his stepmother.

  • The reason for the incompleteness of the temple is the sudden death of queen Hatshepsut.

Map of Istabl Antar | Speos Artemidos 

Istabl Antar | Speos Artemidos


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