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Qasr el-Ghueita unique temple, Kharga Oasis


Qasr el-Ghueita is an ancient fortress located in Kharga Oasis in Egypt, it contains within its walls the remains of an ancient unique temple that was dedicated to the ancient gods of Thebes.

Qasr el-Ghueita unique temple, Kharga Oasis
Qasr el-Ghueita unique temple, Kharga Oasis

Where is the location of Qasr el-Ghueita, Kharga Oasis, Egypt?

Qasr el-Ghueita is located south of the city of Kharga in the New Valley Governorate, near the village of Bulaq, 28 km from the road to the Oasis of Paris, and about 3 km from Zayan Palace.

  • The temple is rectangular and it was built from small blocks of sandstone.
  • The construction of the temple dates back to the Ptolemaic era, specifically the era of King Ptolemy III, to the era of King Ptolemy X.

The surrounded wall of Qasr el-Ghueita 

Qasr el-Ghueita unique temple, Kharga Oasis

  • It was surrounded by a large wall built with wide walls, it was about 10 meters high, but unfortunately most parts of the wall have collapsed.
  • Inside the fortress there are rooms for the residences of the Roman soldiers who served and guarded the temple, while it was used during the Coptic era to house monks and nuns for fear of persecution that occurred to them at the beginning of the emergence of Christianity.

What distinguishes el-Ghueita Temple?

  • The temple served as an archaeological fortress on a high hill to monitor the trade route called Darb Al-Arbaeen, which connects the Nile Valley in Assiut to Darfur in Sudan, it served as a resting and catering station for convoys, after collecting transit insurance fees.
  • This temple was dedicated to the worship of the Theban triad Amun, Mut, and Khonsu, and it was not a funeral temple for a specific king.
  • The temple has unique a composite column, where the crown of the column consists of 8 different flowers, this type of column is rare, as it only appeared in this temple and temple of Kom Ombo only.

Fire of el-Ghueita Temple

  • The temple was exposed to several fires that occurred in the 5th century AD by the pagan tribes

Wine in ancient Egypt

In ancient times, this area was known for the quality of grapes and wine, and this was mentioned in some texts on the tombs of nobles in Luxor, where wine was offered to the gods on a daily basis in various temples throughout the country.

Holy of Holies al-Ghueita

  • The oldest part in the temple is Holy of Holies, where there are 3 chapels built for the worship of the god Amun, Mut and khonsu.

Qasr el-Ghueita unique temple, Kharga Oasis

Qasr el-Ghueita unique temple, Kharga Oasis
In the middle of the shrine a stone base on which the statue of the main god was placed

Mape of Kharga Oasis 

Qasr el-Ghueita unique temple, Kharga Oasis


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