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Secrets in temple of the oracle of amun - siwa oasis

Secrets in temple of the oracle of amun - siwa oasis which considered to be the jewel of the oases of the world.

Secrets in temple of the oracle of amun - siwa oasis

Siwa Oasis Facts

Siwa Oasis is one of the most important oases of the Western Desert, it is classified globally as one of the most beautiful winter tourist destinations, as it is visited by tourists from different countries for its unique natural and heritage components. It is also characterized by manifestations of primitive life and Bedouin architectural style.

Accommodation in Siwa Oasis is characterized by the presence of a number of ecological and recreational hotels, all of which consist of one or two floors, and most of these hotels and resorts are built in the ancient architectural style of Siwa, even hotels and resorts with a modern architectural character are committed to standardizing their appearance and the colors of their facades.

What is Siwa Oasis known for?

Siwa Oasis is known worldwide for its medical tourism, and its sands and sulfur waters are known as one of the means of alternative medicine, and as one of the hospitalization places that people from all over the world visit, where the oasis includes more than 200 natural water springs of various characteristics, in addition to salt lakes.

Was siwa a real place?

Siwa is a city located in the Western Desert, about 300 km from the Mediterranean coast, southwest of Matrouh Governorate.

Where is the Temple of the Oracle?

Temple of the oracle of amun is one of the most famous temples of the god Amun, and is located 4 km east of Siwa Oasis, on the Aghurmi Plateau, which rises 30 meters.

It dates back to the era of the 26th Dynasty, and this era is called the Renaissance or the Sawy era, which extended from 646 to 526 BC.

The place consists of three parts, the main temple, the governor's palace, and the guards' pavilion, and it has annexes such as the sacred well in which washing and purification was performed by those coming to consult the revelation.

Secrets in temple of the oracle of amun 

The importance of the temple is due to its being the landing place of the revelation of the god Amun, according to the ancient Egyptian beliefs during the Pharaonic era, so it became an important destination for people to consult the god Amun in the matters they wish to predict, That is why it was called the Temple of Oracle.

The inscriptions in the area of ​​the Holy of Holies inside the temple indicated that the one who established the temple was King Ahmose II, who was one of the most important kings of the 26th dynasty.

Secrets in temple of the oracle of amun - siwa oasis

What happened to Alexander at the Siwa oasis?

This temple witnessed the visit of Alexander the Great in 331 BC after his arrival in Egypt, and he was crowned by the priests in it, as son of the god Amun, as a means that Alexander took to get closer to the Egyptians, because of their association with their deities at that time.

Alexander at the time asked the priests to predict the fate of his future military campaigns because of what he knew of the fame of this temple in this matter, as that people come to it for this purpose, so he asked to be predicted, whether he will rule the world or not? he got answer is yes, but not for long time.

Tomb of Alexander  the great

Because of Alexander's love for Siwa Oasis, he recommended that he be buried there after his death, but archaeological discoveries throughout the ages have not yet clarified the location of the tomb of the leader and ruler Alexander the Great.

Temple of Amun Siwa Assassin's creed

In the year 525 BC, the Persian King Cambyses sent an army to demolish the Temple of Amun, to prove to the Egyptians and the Greeks the corruption of their faith and belief towards the predictions associated with the temple, but this army on it's way to Siwa Oasis completely disappeared and has not been found until now.

It is believed that this army was buried under the sands of the desert because of the storms and strong winds caused by the god Amun as a result of his anger at the army of Cambyses, who wanted to demolish his temple of Revelation.

What happens on the vernal equinox?

Secrets in temple of the oracle of amun - siwa oasis

 The temple witnesses an astronomical phenomenon called the vernal equinox, where the disk of the sun perpendicular to the temple twice a year, on March 20 or 21, which is the date of the vernal equinox, and on September 22 or 23, which is the date of the autumnal equinox.

This phenomenon record's the only day of the year when the day and night are equal, that's 90 days after the shortest day of the year, and another ninety days after the longest day of the year.

Siwa Egypt map

Secrets in temple of the oracle of amun - siwa oasis


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