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Trip in Royal Jewelry Museum - Alexandria

Trip in Royal Jewelry Museum which  considered to be one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Alexandria.

  • It is an architectural masterpiece, in addition it includes a rare and wonderful collection of antiques, jewelry, ornaments, gold works, precious stones, jeweled watches of the royal family, which ruled Egypt from 1805 (when Muhammad Ali Pasha took over the rule of Egypt until July 23, 1952 Revolution).
Trip in Royal Jewelry Museum - Alexandria

Egyptian revolution of 1952

  • After the revolution of 1952 all the property of the Egyptian royal family was confiscated, whether it was land, palaces, money or jewelry, some part of these jewels were sold through auction, and some of them were preserved for many years, until they began to be displayed in the Royal Jewelry Museum as an important part of the history, and heritage of Egypt.

Princess Fatima Haider 

The museum building was originally a summer palace belong to Princess Fatima Haider (Muhammad Ali Pasha was her fifth grandfather), her mother was "Zainab Fahmy", sister of the architect "Ali Fahmy" who participated in the design of the palace with Italian architect "Antoine Lachiac".

  • Princess Fatima was a lover of charitable work, knowledge and science alike, as she donated an area of ​​6 acres to build the National University, which is now Cairo University, in addition to that she also sold her jewelry for 70,000 Egyptian pounds, she donated the amount to the university.

Location of Royal Jewelry Museum

it's location in Zizinia (it is classy neighborhood in Alexandria), 

European palace in Alexandria 

Princess fatima started built it in 1919, as it took about four years to build, it was built in an area of ​​4185 square meters, and designed according to the style of European buildings in the nineteenth century, the inside part of it was decorated with distinctive artistic unitsnctive artistic units.

The palace consists of two buildings

  1. The eastern building consists of two halls, in the middle of which is a bronze statue of a boy, and an artistic panels of stained glass with lead, decorated with pictures of landscape.
  2. The western building consists of two floors, the first floor  has four halls, and the second floor has four halls.

History of the palace of princess Fatima Haider

Trip in Royal Jewelry Museum - Alexandria

The palace continued to be used for her summer residence until 1952, and after its confiscation, she resided in it throughout the year without having the right to dispose of her property, in 1964 she left the palace according to her desire to reside in Cairo, while the palace turned into a presidential resting house until 1986, then it was transformed by a republican decision into the Royal Jewelry Museum, while Fatima remained residing in Cairo until her death in 1983, the palace was opened as a museum during the era of President Mubarak specifically in 2010, and it was reopened during the era of President Sisi in 2014.

Royal Jewelery Museum collections

  • The total number of royal jewelryMuseum collectibles (1045) thousand and forty-five priceless jewelry pieces designed by the most famous international jewelry houses at the time, such as Van Cleef & Arpels, DiorBoucheron and others, they are the finest and most beautiful royal jewelry, which has no parallel anywhere in the world.

Flowers crown of Queen Farida

Trip in Royal Jewelry Museum - Alexandria

Flowers crown of Queen Farida, she was King Farouk's first wife, and the mother of his daughters (Fadia, Fawzia and Ferial), Queen Farida was known for her strong love for flowers.

  • It considered to be masterpiece of the museum, it made of platinum, rare yellow diamonds and white diamonds, about one thousand and 1506 lobes, as it was made by very high craftsmanship.

Crown of Queen Shwikar

Trip in Royal Jewelry Museum - Alexandria

platinum crown encrusted with 2159 diamonds and a group of pearls that belonged to Princess Shwikar, the first wife of King Fouad.

Chess game

Trip in Royal Jewelry Museum - Alexandria

  • The "Chess game" it is in the Indian style, which consists of 32 pieces of pure gold studded with diamonds, its underneath were imprinted in it the tourist attractions in India, the rulers of India and their wives, it was gifted by the Crown Prince of Iran to King Farouk on the occasion of his marriage to Princess Fawzia (sister of King Farouk) in 1939, as king Farouk was known by his fondness of this game.

Royal Jewelry Museum Ticket Price

  • Tickets to enter the museum are 20 pounds for an individual, and 5 pounds for a student, while memorial photography with the camera is allowed only without flash 20 pounds, and memorial video shooting is 300 pounds.
  •  As for the prices of daily tickets for foreigners, the value of the museum’s entry ticket for an individual is 100 pounds, and the foreign student is 50 pounds, and memorial photography, with the camera, only allows 50 pounds without flash, while entry is free for children up to 6 years old.

Alexandria Jewelery Museum opening hours 

It opens daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, note that the ticket office closes at 4:15 pm.


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