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Ramses II Obelisk in Alamein New City Museum


Ramses II Obelisk in Alamein New City Museum, it belongs to King “Ramses II”, one of the greatest kings of ancient Egypt, who built many temples in Egypt, the most famous of which is the Temple of Abu Simbel, in addition to a number of famous statues, such as the statue of the Mitt Rahina Museum, and the statue in the Grand Egyptian Museum.

Ramses II Obelisk in Alamein New City museum

Ramses II obelisk relocated to Alamein city

This obelisk is considered one of the obelisks erected by King Ramses II to decorate his temple in Barramisu, then it was transferred to the city of San El-Hajar in the Eastern Governorate, then it was transferred to Andalusia Park in Zamalek in 1956, and recently it was transferred to El-Alamein New City in the northern coast.

  • The obelisk is made of pink granite, weighs 90 tons, is 14 meters high, and its four sides are decorated with inscriptions and titles of King Ramses II.

The obelisk was moved as a result of not seeing it in the Andalusia Garden, where almost no one visits the neglected garden, so the obelisk was moved to be placed in the Museum of the New El Alamein City, to be placed in a very distinct area, on the shore of the charming Mediterranean, and in front of the new presidential palace, where  It will be watched by visitors to Egypt from kings, presidents and important personalities.

The process of moving the obelisk encountered difficulties because it is firmly attached to its base, but the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities used modern machinery and equipment to facilitate the transfer and lift the heavy obelisk from its site, where it spent more than 55 years.

  • It took about 30 days to untie the obelisk from its base.

Obelisks purpose 

The obelisk was used as a symbol of the sun God "Re", it was erected in front of tombs, and the pylon of temple in ancient Egypt.

Obelisk stone

They differ in the nature of the materials from which they were carved, but the most famous of all is pink granite, due to its strength and hardness.

  • Its lengths vary according to the different edifices that are erected in front of it, as some of them reach more than 20 meters in length.

Obelisks of Ramses II

It is worth noting that the great King Ramses II is the owner of the largest number of obelisks, among his most famous obelisks, the obelisk which is in front of the Temple of Luxor, and the one in the Place de la Concorde in Paris, the obelisk that was recently transferred to Cairo International Airport.


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