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Treasure of yuya and Thuya in the Egyptian Museum

Yuya and Thuya indicated that they were the parents of Queen Tiye, wife of Amenhotep III, and they are also the grandparents of King Akhenaten.

Treasure of yuya and Thuya in the Egyptian Museum

Who was Yuya in Egypt?

Yuya belonged to the nobility and was one of the army men, in addition to his work as a priest of the main god "Min". 

What was Thuya known for?

Thuya was an Egyptian noblewoman of the Eightieth Dynasty who was the mother of queen Tuye and the wife of Tuya. She is best known for being the grandmother of Akhenaten

  • The archaeologist Coebel discovered the tomb on February 12, 1905, and all the contents of the tomb were in one room devoid of any decorations or inscriptions.

Although the tomb has been looted before, many treasures have been found in it, including monuments of the daily life in ancient Egypt, exquisite funerary furniture, as well as jars made from alabaster and colored limestone.

Where is Yuya mummy?

Yuya mummy was found in his tomb no 46 in valley of the kings, which was in excellent condition, due to the high quality of their mummification process.

Papyrus of Yuya and Thoya in the Egyptian Museum 

Treasure of yuya and Thuya in the Egyptian Museum

  • The papyrus was found in Yuya's sarcophagus inside the tomb.
  • It considered to be the longest papyrus found in Egypt, with a length of 20 meters.
  • It contains 40 spells from Book of the Dead.

The Yuya Papyrus is considered  to be one of the finest papyri in terms of colours, drawings, and writings.

The Yuya papyrus was stored in the Egyptian Museum for 113 years, and it was displayed during the celebration of the 116th anniversary of the opening of the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir.

Both Yuya and Thuya had a high position, which helped them carve their tomb no, 46 in the Valley of the Kings on the western bank in Luxor, as this a place was reserved only for the tombs of kings.

The Chariot of yuya 

Treasure of yuya and Thuya in the Egyptian Museum

  1. The ancient Egyptians knew the chariots with the entry of the Hyksos into Egypt.
  2. The chariot was like a racing car in ancient Egypt, the preferred means of transporting the ruling class and elite in Egypt, and played an important role in war and hunting.
  3. This chariot was a gift to Yuya from his daughter-in-law, King Amenhotep III, and it was gilded and covered with red leather.
  4.  It is one of the 8 chariots found throughout the history of Pharaonic Egypt.

Discovery of Yuya and Thuya tomb

It was discovered in February 1905 by Chief Inspector of Antiquities James E. Quibell, excavating under the sponsorship of American millionaire Theodore M

  • The laws in Egypt at that time stipulated that the discovery be divided between foreign missions and the Egyptian government. When the tomb of Yuya and Tuya was discovered, Charles Maspero, who worked as director of the Egyptian Antiquities Authority at that time, refused to divide the contents of the tomb and transferred it completely to the Egyptian Museum. 

Queen Tiye

Treasure of yuya and Thuya in the Egyptian Museum

Queen Tiye is the daughter of Yuya and Thuya, she was married to King Amenhotep III and the mother of King Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten), because of the strength of her personality, we find her represented in all the statues, the same size of the king, as she participated with King Akhenaten in ruling Egypt.

Chair of queen Tiye

Treasure of yuya and Thuya in the Egyptian Museum

A gold-plated chair engraved with the Queen Tiye sitting on a boat of papyrus, with the ankh sign in her hand, which symbolizes life.

The difference between the Tutankhamun mask and the Yuya and Tuya mask

  • Tutankhamun's mask was made from pure gold because he was a king, while the mask of Yuya and Thuya,  was made from cartonnage (which made from linen slices mixed with slices of papyrus mixed with gypsum and covered with a layer of gold), that because they weren't king and queen.

Funerary Masks in ancient Egypt 

In ancient Egypt they always used to make a mask for the deceased, this had a religious point of view, as they were aware that no matter how accurate the mummification was, over time, facial features could be blurred, so when the soul returns to the body of the deceased in the afterlife, it will not be  able to return to the mummy, so they created a face mask to make sure that the soul will knew the body in peace.


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