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Unfinished Obelisk _ Aswan: Facts, entrance Fee

The obelisk is a stone block that takes the form of a column with a square base, and ends in a pyramidal shape, The pyramidal shape at the top of the obelisk was covered with a layer of gold;  to reflect the sun's rays, it was erected in front of and inside the temples, and it was engraved on all four sides with scenes and texts related to the king's achievements.

Unfinished Obelisk _ Aswan: Facts, entrance Fee

unfinished obelisk  Facts

Although the obelisks are one of the most famous engineering and construction innovations of the pharaohs, the unfinished obelisk is among the few pharaonic obelisks located in Egypt, compared to a large number of pharaonic obelisks displayed abroad.

  • UNESCO declared the Aswan quarry, in which unfinished obelisk is located, a World Heritage Site in 1979.

Pharaonic obelisks, which are one of the symbols of the civilization of the ancient Egyptians, you will find them wherever you go to one of the major capitals around the world.

largest obelisk in the world

  • If unfinished obelisk in Aswan have been completed, it would be the largest and heaviest obelisk in the whole world

Where is the Unfinished Obelisk?

It is located in Aswan region in Egypt, specifically in the northeastern part of the Aswan quarry, Which is one of the most important granite quarries in Aswan, which is about 1 km to the east of the Nile River.

  • It is opposite to the Fatimid cemetery, which dates back to the end of the 7th century AD.

What is the Unfinished Obelisk quarry?

Aswan obelisk quarry which considered to be one of the most important granite quarries in ancient Egypt, The stones of it were used in building the pyramids of King Khufu, and many obelisks were cut from it.

  • After the discovery of the unfinished obelisk, the entire Aswan quarry became an open museum, and a place maintained by the Egyptian government, to conduct scientific and archaeological research.

When was the Unfinished Obelisk made?

The exact time to made the unfinished obelisk is unknown, but many scholars have suggested that the beginning of work on it was during the time of Queen Hatshepsut, as it was the most constructive era for obelisks.

  • Some opinions suggest that Queen Hatshepsut ordered the construction of the obelisk of this large size, to be evidence of its strength and solidity, as Queen Hatshepsut was keen to leave an impression of power and control among the people, despite being a woman ruling Egypt.

Unfinished Obelisk weight

  • It weighs 1168 tons, and its length is 41.75 meters.

Why was the Unfinished Obelisk abandoned?

  • A crack appeared in the middle of the obelisk's surface, causing incomplete extraction and leaving it in the quarry.

How was the Unfinished Obelisk made?

Although the construction and equipment of the unfinished obelisk was not completed and remained on the ground, it has great importance in Egyptian archeology, its importance due to the fact that it revealed the way obelisks were manufactured, and how huge stones were cut from the quarries?!
  • Stone balls were found beside the unfinished obelisk in the Aswan quarry, made of diorite stone, each ball weighing about 6 kg. 
The ancient Egyptians used these balls as hammers, in order to separate and cut the sides of the obelisk from the large block of rock taken from it.

What hotels are near Unfinished Obelisk?

  • Mövenpick Hotel & Resort, Helnan Aswan Hotel.

Unfinished Obelisk entrance fee

  1. The price of the entry ticket for an Egyptian = 15 Egyptian pounds.
  2.  The price of the entry ticket for an Egyptian student = 10 Egyptian pounds.
  3.  The price of the entry ticket for a foreign tourist = 75 Egyptian pounds.
  4.  The price of the entry ticket for a foreign student = 50 Egyptian pounds.

Are there obelisks in Egypt?

In Egypt there are about 13 obelisks, two of them are in Luxor Temple, and one is in the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, as well as the obelisk located at Cairo International Airport and it belongs to King Ramses II, the obelisk of King Senusret I in Mataria, the obelisk of King Ramses II that was in the Garden of Andalusia, and a small obelisk in  Fayoum.
  • This is in addition to two obelisks in the new administrative capital, two obelisks in the San El-Hajar area, and one in the Grand Egyptian Museum to be the only hanging obelisk in the world, and the last obelisk is located in Tahrir Square.

What is the oldest obelisk?

The oldest obelisk in the world is still in its original location until now, in Egypt specifically in Matariya area in Heliopolis neighborhood, it date back to the era of King Senusret I of the Twelfth Dynasty,  it was made from red granite, it is length about 20.7 meters, and weighs 120 tons.

How many obelisks are in the world?

In Italy there are 8 famous Egyptian obelisks, most of which were moved during the period of the Roman occupation of Egypt due to their fascination with Egyptian antiquities, and they believed that they would be an artistic addition to the palaces of the emperors.


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